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Thu 7th July 2022
5:34 pm BST

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The site is coded in HTML, CSS and PHP, with some automation done in VBA it is tested on Internet Explorer 8.0.6 and Opera 12.10 with a target of zero coding errors. If you spot any problems or mistakes, please get in touch.

It is written to be HTML5.0(draft)/CSS3/PHP5.3 compliant so should be resilient against the changing standards happening in the next few years

Initially hosted on UnlimitedWebHosting.co.uk who I can't thank enough for their patience

Programs used in the development of the website include:-

Windows XP - Operating sytem

Netbeans IDE - for code authoring of HTML, PHP and CSS

Bulk Rename Utility - for bulk renaming of files

FastStone Image Viewer - for tagging pictures

Irfanview - for bulk resizing

ExifTool - for extracting tags from pictures

Excel 2003 - for image database and management

VBA - for authoring code generator

Opera Web Browser(+dragonfly) - for debugging

Internet Explorer - for debugging

XAmpp - for local server

Apache - for local server

All program names copyright of the respective owners