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Thu 7th July 2022
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30/3/2013 Added another 20 pictures

7/3/2013 Added another 49 pictures

4/3/2013 Improved error handling of google cached pages that don't exist any longer

4/2/2013 Improved error handling of non existent pages. Fixed the case of titles and links plus some other tidying up.

18/1/2013 Included a soft 404 page error to pick up old search engine links.

17/1/2013 Changed URI underscores to hyphens for arguments, despite what google say, they are not treated identically.

11/1/2013 Improved page titles and descriptions in order to try and keep searchbots happier.

5/1/2013 Added 49 images and I am working on another exciting Wirral project

26/12/2012 Added another 80 images

23/12/2012 Introduced dynamic titles and description mostly to keep google happy, tidied bits and pieces up

14/12/2012 Seem to have managed to get some sort of desktop/mobile site switching going, not tested properly but looks the best I can do without extensive file duplication or the use of client scripts like javascript

12/12/2012 Tried to implement a method of access for mobiles, its too much hassle so I will have a think if there is a tidy way

9/12/2012 Removed a few small bugs that had crept in, added 61 more pictures

Current stats:- 389 images, 138 web pages, 17 hand coded html/php programs, 12 hand coded vba programs, 131 php programs generated by vba code

6/12/2012 A few changes mostly to make google a bit happier.

29/11/2012 Put a few more images up of Birkenhead

27/11/2012 A bit more restructuring and amalgamation of programs. Completed draft area and village menu items. Removed people menu item. Taking under construction status off.

26/11/2012 Put address details on bottom line of images. Amalgamated some routines in vba to make global changes quicker and easier. Improved html tags to give better hints for browser to render.

25/11/2012 Cleared up most of little bugs and restructured some of the vba code

24/11/2012 Created the structures generator, a couple of very minor bugs but basically working so we now have roads and structures - yay!

21/11/2012 Not much changed, I've been tidying up some of the background code to make it more flexible for the next phases

18/11/2012 Finished all of the first round of automation/code generators, makes it a lot easier to change things. Thrown a few more images up under "roads". Might have a go at a bit of cross-indexing next - or maybe not.

16/11/2012 Getting there, put 40 pictures up in roads and finding a few bugs to iron out

14/11/2012 Coding for the roads generator underway and sample put online

14/10/2012 Coding for site layout and structure near enough complete so releasing this online

13/10/2012 Wirral Memories project started.